How to make money with PeerFly

The PeerFly CPA Network.
PeerFly is a one-of-a-kind CPA (cost per action) based affiliate network. It is filled with over a thousand different CPA offers that you can use in order to make money. The PeerFly website and system is unique and custom built which in turn means that it will not have to rely on some pre-built unreliable coding. The amount of money you can make with PeerFly is literally all up to how much you are willing to work, and how smart you work. With an average conversion rate of about 8% through all offers available I’d have to say that PeerFly is one of the best CPA networks I have come across during my time online.
Signing up with PeerFly.
OK, as you might have figured out already, the first step to making money with PeerFly is to sign up. Signing up and using their service is 100% free and will not take long at all. You do however need to submit a bit “private” information such as zip code and address, but you don’t need to worry about that since the PeerFly team is very professional and will not share, rent or sell your personal information.
You will also have to explain how you are going to promote their CPA offers. If you have a website where you plan to market the CPA offers you will have to mention it. Also, you will have to mention what type of traffic that you will mainly be sending, such as PPC, PPPV, search engine, social media or other traffic. This information is necessary for them to determine your intentions.
I will go through some ways of making money with PeerFly in this article which you can use in order to get accepted as well.
How to make money with PeerFly.
There are plenty of ways to make money with PeerFly since it’s a CPA network. But first you need to know how CPA works. Therefore it might be wise to read this article first.
The first thing you should do when you have been accepted is to find a CPA offer that has a good conversion rate, a good landing page and a great offer for the person you’re sending to it.
Conversion rate is the percentage of all person sent to an offer that took action and either purchased something or submitted the information needed in order for you to make money from it.
A good landing page should be up-to-date looking, preferably 2.0 web design or similar so that it’s visually appealing.
It should also require minimum information from the visitor. With minimum information I mean that it should not ask the visitor to fill in a whole form in order to sign up. Good converting offers are usually email/zip offer where only one of the two are required to be entered. These offers usually earn you between $1-$3 per each person who completes them.
A great offer would be something that is currently very hot on the market and is not yet promoted by a lot of people. An example would be an offer about testing and keeping iPads when they just came out on the market. These offers can sometimes convert well over 10% and give you up to $2 per conversion. So if we do some basic math, if you send a thousand visitors to that offer it would generate everything between $200-$400 depending on how targeted your traffic is.
Now that you have selected an offer that you think will convert well it’s time to look at how you can promote it. Each offer has different requirements set out by the advertiser. Some advertisers might not want you to use the offers in emails, some does only allow traffic from certain countries and so on.
Let’s say you have an offer about making money online. The offer is allowed to be promoted via search PPC, CPV/PPV, contextual, banners, twitter and emails. It is also only converting from US, UK and CA visitors. So let’s take a look at how you can market that offer.
1. PeerFly ads and search PPC.
When trying to make money from CPA via search PPC (pay per click) offers you need to be very cautious. Search PPC means to use search engine advertising networks such as: Google AdWords, Yahoo SM or Microsoft adCenter (Bing). You need to know how bidding on keyword work and what keyword you should put your money on. You also have to know if the offer you are marketing will convert well enough for the PPC campaign to become profitable.
I would advice people to not use PPC campaigns if they are not very familiar with them since the cost of keywords are going up due to more competition and it is easy to find yourself wasting money.
2. CPV/PPV with PeerFly.
Also known as cost per view/pay per view. It’s works in a different way than CPC and CPM does. When using PPV you pay for each view on your CPA offer. These views usually has a really low conversion rate. Your CPA offers will be shown in pop-ups etc on different websites or peoples computers that has Ad-ware on them. The bidding system works pretty much the same ad for PPC but at a much lowers cost.
I would not really use this if you don’t have a really eye-catching offer that people wont just get annoyed and click down as soon as it pops up.
3. Contextual CPA marketing.
This is a great way if you have somewhere to write blog posts or articles. Let’s say that you have read my other article on how to make money on HubPages, so you now already have a HubPages account with about 500 followers. Now you simply need to write an inspiring article about your offer and send people to it. This can generate hundreds of conversions if you do it right, trust me I have tried it myself. It also works great if you run your own blog or if you have a software or similar that can send out your articles to hundreds of article directories. The sky is literally the limit with this method.
4. PeerFly Banners.
Do I need to say anything here? If you know a place where you can put up the already created banners then you’re set to go. A thing that worked great for me when I was promoting a gaming offer was to contact a gaming website owner and split the profit with him. This ensured that I didn’t have to do any work since he was already getting a steady stream of visitors to his website in the first place.
5. Promoting PeerFly ads on Twitter.
Simple, if you have a lot of followers that actually reads your tweets, then give it a go. You can also find people on services such as that are willing to blast your links several times to thousands of twitter followers for only $5. Amazing, right? Just make sure that you are not directing your followers directly to the CPA offers as that is not allowed. Instead you could set up a small landing page linking to your offer. A landing page does not have to be complicated, you can create one fast with services such as Weebly, Blogspot or WordPress.
6. CPA offers in emails.
Have you ever heard that the money is in the list? Well, it’s kinda true when it comes to PeerFly’s CPA offers. If you have built an email list (preferably on aWeber) you will be able to both put your subscribers email in different categories, such as “people who wants to make money online” or “people interested in dogs” etc. You will also be able to geo-target them according to their IP address, which is a huge advantage when it comes to CPA.
Email lists tends to convert pretty well, especially if you have a close relationship with your readers and if you send out free offers. Just imagine having 10´000 or more people in your email list and everyone of them wants to make money online. If you only write a short and interesting email and then include a link to a free money making offer, how many do you think would convert? A lot.
Building a list can be a bit harder than just setting up a blog, writing articles or doing PPV marketing. But in the end I would say that this is probably one of the best (if not the best) way to make money with PeerFly. I will create an article later on explaining how you can build an email list and what the possibilities are to make money from it once you have one later on, so stay tuned for that!
So those are some of the ways you can make money with PeerFly’s CPA network. Since you now know a bit how they all work I would advice you to dig deeper in to one that fits you the best before applying to PeerFly. One you apply, simply tell them how you plan to market their CPA offers and I’m sure that you will get accepted if you mention one of these ways. By the way, PeerFly does not allow incentive offers, meaning that you offer something in return if someone completes an offer for you. In other word you may not say something like this “You get $1 if you complete a free offer for me” or “You get an eBook for completing this offer”. If you want incentive offers then go to BlamAds or CPALead or MediaKash.
When it comes to geo-targeting CPA offers, some ways are better than others. As you may know there is barely any way to target a specific county on twitter, but with PPV, PPV, blogging and email lists you can narrow it down pretty well for maximum conversion rate.
When and how do I get paid?
Now when you know how to make money with PeerFly I’m pretty sure that you also know how you are going to cash out that money and when you are able to do so.
PeerFly offers a Net 30, Net 15 and weekly payments to PayPal, postal check, ACH (US Only), or bank wire. The minimum payout limit is only at $50 which even a child could achieve in no time at all with a decent strategy.
PeerFly’s referral program.
Did you think an awesome CPA network like PeerFly didn’t have it’s own referral program? I hope not! They offer a 5% commission from each referral for life. So as long as your referrals are earning money, you will get a share. There is no limit to how many people you can get as referrals, so aim for the stars. However, remember that not everyone will get accepted in to CPA networks such as PeerFly. Yes, I know that peerfly allows everyone, but they still need to prove that they are worthy to join first. So why not help them out?
Customer support.
A company without a good customer support is not a company. PeerFly gives you the ability to both chat live with them through their website as well as personally contact them with your questions via email, fax, AIM, twitter or phone. Now that is what I call a dedicated customer support. These guys are not some shady money makers hiding their personality, tricking people.
The PeerFly reward program.
This might just be for the really successful people, but I think it was worth mentioning since I found it pretty funny. PeerFly has a reward system where you can get rewards for earning money with them. The more money you earn per month, the better rewards you will get. You can either chose to get the reward in pure cash or as an item. The reward are ranging from everything from a $10 Amazon gift card to a Mustang V6 Premium. So if you’re ready to try PeerFly, then why not give it a shot and be the first one to bring home that sweet car.
I have been writing a lot of conclusions lately, but I suppose it’s a good thing to do, so I won’t stop now. PeerFly is a great custom build customer friendly CPA network that is really worth the time when trying tomake money online. If you can’t make it here, then you are doomed to fail at every other CPA network as well. A good idea would be to contact an affiliate manager on PeerFly for extra information on what is currently trending and so on, so that you could maximize your profits.
If you have any questions what so ever about making money with PeerFly, then be sure to leave a comment below. I would greatly appreciate if you would leave a personal review of PeerFly if you have ever used them yourself, and maybe share some other ways of making money with PeerFly while you’re already at it.
Have a great day!

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